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In 2020, Aussie band The Flowers featured twice on the Carte Blanche Music blog. Two years later, The Flowers are dead, but long live 90ivy! Same band, different name, that’s all. That new moniker comes from the fact the four members were all born in the β€˜90s. The β€˜Ivy’ part is a play on the roman numerals β€˜IV’, because the band is a quartet. The fresh name, which sure is more unique than the old one, was debuted late 2021.

Tiffany is the second single 90ivy release in their new guise. It started as an acoustic ballad, written by front woman Agnes O’Dwyer on her acoustic guitar during lockdown. But after taking it to the rest of the band, they added grungy guitars, bass and drums to turn it into the pop-rock song it is today.

The track tells a tale of infidelity. The idea came from a soap opera, but the story telling was inspired by Dolly Parton’s Jolene. O’Dwyer says about that: β€œUsually the story of the scorned woman is told one of two ways. Either she is voiceless and passive or she is furious and directing her anger at β€˜the other woman’. Dolly Parton’s Jolene is so genius to me because it doesn’t subscribe to these cliches. She sings praise to the other woman and simply begs her not to take her man. It inspired me to write a song that tells the story of infidelity that looks at the relationship breakdown and the faults of the two in the relationship, rather than placing blame on the other woman.”

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