This blog is a continuation of the radio show Carte Blanche, which has been broadcast in the Netherlands – under several names – for almost 30 years! For the best indication of what to expect here, I recommend you to browse through some of the playlists or to listen to one of the shows.

Or just read on πŸ˜‰

Long story short: Carte Blanche Radio presented new music only and Carte Blanche Music will continue to do so. Not only will I bring new singles to your attention, but also the best new album tracks. For let’s be honest: who cares about singles anymore? When it’s online, it’s out there. Simple as that.


What’s it all about?

Carte Blanche has never been about hits (per se) or hipness, but all about great new music. Why bother about the charts when there’s so much more music to be discovered? That’s what I want to do: to help you find great new music by great artists. Mostly emerging acts, but I don’t shy away from recommending an awesome new track by a well-known artist. You can trust Carte Blanche Music to be unbiased, without prejudice or limitations. Whether the artist is male or female, whatever their origin, age or genre of music… it’s all irrelevant to me.

I don’t look down upon commercial music and I’m not particularly passionate about credibility. In my vision those two are not necessarily opposites.

Long story short: all of the tracks here are highly recommended. I don’t like to put negative energy into bashing a song or artist.

Carte Blanche is about great music. And new music only.


Make it personal!

Great music is great music, no matter the genre. As a consequence, you’ll find all kinds of tracks here: guitar-oriented, synth-based, acoustic, beat-driven… as long as it’s great, it’s here. If that’s too much for you: no offence, and no problem. You can easily narrow down the number of recommendations by clicking the category or genre of your liking in the tag clouds.


This is how it works…

The moment I discover them, I add the best new songs to my container playlist Carte Blanche MusicΒ (subject to availability on Spotify, obviously). You’ll find this list by clicking on the image in the sidebar. Out of these additions, I choose the tracks I grant a written recommendation on the blog.
The absolute highlights from this lot are selected for Werner’s Weekly, which is refreshed every Monday morning. This list (with no particular order other than alphabetical) is featured in the sidebar as well.
But only one track can be the best of them all. This song is chosen as Wildcard, which is announced on Wednesdays and features prominently on top of my blog for one whole week.


So, who the hell do I think I am?

I’m Werner Schlosser. Dutch by birth, but most of all I’m from planet Earth. I’ve been in the radio business since 1987, compiling, producing and presenting shows, and as a music director of several stations. Also, I’m a music industry watcher and a journalist.

But forget about that. Just check my blogs and especially the music. Happy discovery!