After Arden – Dance Floor

After Arden consists of two vocalists and a producer. The trio may be Brighton-based, but its members Jessica Rose Dralet, Hedda RΓΈste and Florian Brey are originally from France, Norway and Germany. They relocated to study music in the UK, where they met. After discovering their shared love of catchy melodies, acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies, they decided to start a band.

Everything you hear from After Arden is written, recorded, produced, arranged, sung and played by the three musicians. Their inspirations range from country to blues, rock to pop and funk to soul music. Obviously, their songs are a mix of these genres, but their magic trick is the addition of a pinch of Scandipop. The first name that crossed my mind when listening was American trio Wilson Phillips. They were most popular in the early β€˜90s with hits like Hold On, Release Me and You’re In Love.

Following their debut single We Are On Fire, After Arden just released their sophomore effort. It’s called Dance Floor, but there’s not a beat to be heard. This is another sophisticated pop tune. True, there is room for some electric guitars around two thirds of the track, but only to turn this ballad into a power ballad. A job well done.

Dance Floor is about two people who have loved each other for years, but have failed to express it, out of fear of losing what they had. It’s a song about wanting to move on from childhood love.

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