Agnes – Here Comes The Night

Nine years after her most recent album, Swedish singer Agnes Carlsson is making a great return. The last three years, sheโ€™s been releasing seven singles. The latest three, Fingers Crossed, 24 Hours and Here Comes The Night will end up on her upcoming album. This long-player, Magic Still Exists, will be out on 22 October.

Co-written and produced by Vargas & Lagola, the euphoric track Here Comes The Night is Agnesโ€™ new single. If ABBA would not have reunited, this would have been a perfect substitute. But even with the quartet temporarily back together, this is a great song of timeless class.

The singer says about the track: โ€œHere Comes The Night is a homage to all of us out there who are longing to just let go. It is a declaration to the dreamers, the night, the mist, the spirituality. Those that dare to fall in love – with the moment, the people around them and themselves. Hopefully it will guide the listener into a moment of something they can call freedom.โ€

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