Aili x Transistorcake – Pari Pari

The strange part of band competitions is that the best entry usually doesn’t win. Take De Nieuwe Lichting, Belgian radio station Studio Brussel’s talent show. As I wrote last December, I would have put my money on Aili x Transistorcake’s Dansu to win. But I would have lost. However, that didn’t stop the pair from being lauded by fellow musicians, added to many playlists and scoring a minor hit.

Now, it’s time for the next chapter. Once again, Belgian-Japanese artist Aili Maruyama joins forces with one of Belgium’s most exciting new electronica acts: Transistorcake (Orson Wouters). Their new single Pari Pari continues where Dansu left off, but more up-tempo and funkier. It’s another intriguing synth-pop song, built around one of their trademark squelchy bass lines. Another trademark, Aili’s Japanese lyrics, is present as well, adding a layer of mystery to the funky beats.

Talking about mysteries: what does that title come from? Pari Pari was the term Aili’s father used for tonkatsu, a kind of Japanese schnitzel, that crackle when you eat them. β€˜Pari’ is Japanese for the sound that produces.

11 June, Aili x Transistorcake release their 5-track debut EP Dansu.

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