Akiva – Broken Ships

Akiva is a Bedfordshire (UK)-based band, comprising youth friends Malcolm Carter (guitar, vox), Rob Mercel (bass) and Dave Mercel (drums), alongside singer, guitarist and synth programmer Dave MacKenzie. 11 months ago, I wrote about their single Ammunition. A song with a strong message, just like any of this bandโ€™s tunes. โ€œWeโ€™ve always believed music should stand for something and carry a message,โ€ the band explain. โ€œThereโ€™s a lot to shout about in the world today, and weโ€™ve got a lot to say.โ€

Their new single is no exception to that rule. Itโ€™s nothing less than an angry takedown of the forces behind Brexit Britain. โ€œBroken Ship is about the importance of consequences for actions, and how quickly things start to fall apart when these get lost,โ€œ says MacKenzie, whose rhythmic lyricism is one of the ear-catching elements in this song. The video adds an eye-catching element to the already impressive song.

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