Alec Benjamin – Mind Is A Prison

Alec Benjaminย is a 25-year-old storyteller from Arizona. He broke through last year after re-recording his song Let Me Down Slowly with Alessia Cara. Before he got his own stage, he busked on the street and played in parking lots for fans as they waited in line to see other artists likeย Troye Sivanย andย Shawn Mendes.

Like no other, Benjamin knows how to turn everyday heartbreak into compelling pop songs. His autobiographical new single Mind Is A Prison is just another example. Itโ€™s about trying to escape his inner thoughts, without any luck. He explains: โ€œThis song is just about how I overthink everything. Especially all this new music and all these new decisions that I’ve had to make. (โ€ฆ) The song is about feeling like you’re trapped inside your own mind. You can be your own worst enemy.โ€

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