Alex Lahey – I Love You Like A Brother

This girl simply doesnโ€™t stop producing great tracks. Her name: Alex Lahey. I already told you more about her when I reviewed her singles You Donโ€™t Think You Like People Like Me, Lotto In Reverse and I Havenโ€™t Been Taking Care Of Myself. A year and a half after that first track broke her in her native Australia, the talented singer put out her full-length debut. And boy, does it deliver!

The album I Love You Like A Brother is one up-tempo trip that doesnโ€™t slow down until its closing song. All of the singles (except You Donโ€™t Thinkโ€ฆ) are there, and Iโ€™d like to propose the title track – in which she addresses her now-repaired relationship with her brother – as a possible follow-up. A great sing-along rock song, made for the arenas!


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