Alex The Astronaut – Banksia

I’m very much looking forward to Alex The Astronaut’s upcoming debut album The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing. Can’t wait ‘til 21 August! Australian singer-songwriter Alexandra Lynn (her real name) is a natural born storyteller, depicting everyday experiences in her folk-inflected pop songs. The album is said to explore friendship, love, loss, pain and change. Funny observations, but deeply personal ones as well.

New single Banksia falls in the latter category. Banksias are a native Australian flower that lines lots of the suburban streets, including the street Alex was walking down when she found out her friend passed away. “It’s a song about my friend, Maddie Clarke, who was a beautiful person who passed away too young”, Lynn notes. “She was always smiling when I saw her, no one always feels like that but that’s what she showed me.”

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