Ali Barter – Backseat

When Ali Barter released her debut album A Suitable Girl in 2017, following three EP’s, I thought it was a great record. It spawned the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard Girlie Bits, for instance. Despite the long-player’s success however, it filled the Australian singer-songwriter with insecurity, even leading up to her decision never to write again. Thankfully, she changed her mind…

18 October, Barter will put out her second album Hello, I’m Doing My Best, the title of which is self-explanatory. Backseat is her new single. Billed as Ali’s first ever love song, she wrote it about meeting her producer/collaborator/boyfriend Oscar Dawson (a member of the band Holy Holy). He also features in the song’s hilarious video.

Barter explains: “Backseat is about admiring someone from afar and then falling in love. I had this idea of a clip that was kinda like ‘True Romance’ crossed with ‘Misery’. How love can make you a bit crazy and how sometimes we smother love with our love. The clip is about two awkward people that get together one night at a bar. A girl admires a boy from afar but when she meets him they are so clumsy and over eager that they end up injuring each other during a late night jam session. It’s just like love really. A mess.”

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