Alice Merton – Hit The Ground Running

Talking about a dream debutโ€ฆ Alice Mertonโ€™s first single No Roots has already been a huge hit east and south of her home country Germany, and is now crossing the west border as well, causing the song to go up to a new peak position of #8 in the European Border Breakers Chart. It looks like No Roots is going to conquer the whole of Europe, slowly but surelyโ€ฆ

In the territories that were first to discover her, the follow up single is out already. Hit The Ground Running is also part of Mertonโ€™s debut EP No Roots. The song has big shoes to fill, but will certainly profit from the profile she built with her first hit. Itโ€™s already โ€˜bubbling underโ€™ at #4 in the Tips for the EBBChart.


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