Alice Merton – Island

Two years after (finally) dropping her debut album Mint – who’s first single No Roots dated from 2016 – the wonderful Alice Merton is back with new music. Having dropped the track Vertigo in April, she now comes with two songs at once. Hero and Island are a good old-fashioned double A-side single.

Although not the song that’s being pushed at radio, Island is my favourite of the two. And I bet my radio friends will agree with me. With its restless drums, a dramatic hook and a distorted guitar riff, Island has a nervous, anxious rock energy.

In an interview with Flood magazine, the singer says about releasing two tracks simultaneously: β€œI decided to put out two songs, partly because I see Island as the prequel to Hero. I keep thinking if β€˜hope’ was a spectrum, Island and Hero would be at opposite ends. Island showcases a desperate need for survival, whereas Hero confronts a realistic and slightly pessimistic fate, waving the white flag and admitting to its defeat.”

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