Alice Merton – No Roots

Some songs take longer to make a wide impact than others. But once they kick in, they kick in hard… No Roots is such a song.

Alice Merton was born in Germany from a German father and a British mother. She grew up in Canada however. When she was 13 she came back to Germany, but spent a lot of time in the UK as well, where her parents had gone and live. Finally, she attended the Popakademie Baden-WΓΌrttemberg in Mannheim and started her career from Germany. No wonder her debut single is called No Roots… The song describes her feeling to not have a real home.

Earlier this year, the song was a huge hit in her country of birth, Austria and Luxembourg, reaching the Top 3 in all three countries. And now, all of a sudden, the track is crossing over to Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia and Slovenia, causing it to enter the European Border Breakers Chart at #11. Β No wonder, because it’s a great song, that deserves to finally become the pan European hit it should have been already.


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