Alice Merton – Why So Serious

Alice Merton is a good example of an artist who’s early successes first became visible in the European Border Breakers Chart. Former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard No Roots became a pan-European hit in the autumn of 2017, that later also crossed over to the United States. The track won her a European Border Breakers Award and I eagerly awaited more hits. Second single Hit The Ground Running came out last year and Lash Out followed this year. Both very good singles as well, but not as successful as her debut.

For the release of her new single, Merton freed herself from her distribution deal with major Sony and decided to walk the indie path. May that give this talented artist the success she deserves!

Why So Serious is about making the most of every day and was written by Merton in response to the awareness she had to write a new hit to follow up on the accomplishments of No Roots. β€œI was a little upset that everyone would ask if the next song would be as successful as No Roots. And then I thought, screw this! I’m happy, I have the time of my life, so: why so serious?”

Alice Merton’s eagerly awaited debut album, entitled Mint, will be out in January 2019.

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