Alta Falls – The Fire

In October 2019, my wife and I made the trip of our lives in Australia. During our stay already, images appeared on national TV of the first bushfires of the season. Once back home, the fires turned out to have such an impact, even European media started to pay attention. Eventually, the devastating flames burned over 18 million hectares, destroying over 2.000 homes and reportedly killing 1 billion animals. Shocking numbers. Kangaroo Island, which we had come to love so dearly, was hit particularly hard. The wonderful accommodation where we had been staying two months earlier burned to the ground.

But as always, such overwhelming events can lead to beautiful things. Nature is recovering quickly, and not long after the disaster, Brisbane duo Alta Falls recorded the track The Fire. Although it’s about an earlier experience, the recording circumstances were just right to give the track the emotional burden it needed.

The lyrics on The Fire tell a story from the perspective of the father of lead singer Nathanael Hubbard. β€œMy Dad was telling me a story from when I was only one year old. There was a sudden and catastrophic bushfire heading towards our house. He was working in the city and my Mum, brother, and two sisters were at home. Chills ran down my spine as my Dad told me the feeling of driving home that night, past burning coals and ashes on both sides of the road, wondering if we were still alive. Thankfully, the wind had turned at the last minute and we were spared.”

In contrast with the lyrical content however, the hi-NRG instrumentation is uplifting (euphoric even), with danceable beats and punchy hooks. The Fire is the title track of Alta Falls’ debut EP, which is produced by Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy). It features Sebastian ‘Baz’ Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums.

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