Altered By Mom – Hear That Sound

Altered By Mom started as an excuse for producer/songwriter Devon Lougheed to play with some of his favourite musicians from all across Canada, but really took shape with the permanent addition of Gina Kennedy (bass/vocals) and Jamie Williamson (drums).

Ahead of their new album Trapped In An MP3 (due later this year) the Toronto-based pop-rock band have a new single out. Hear That Sound showcases their knack for classic song-writing with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. And the way the male and female vocals are juxtaposed is just lovely. Boy, would this have been a radio hit when radio was still about smart and catchy pop songs!

The band says about the track: β€œHear That Sound is about making someone else cry. It’s such a universal yet specific moment – because people cry all the time, but when it happens, nothing feels more deeply personal.Β In the audio world, we talk about crossfades where one bit of audio blends seamlessly into another, and sometimes relationships end and begin like that too. This song encompasses the sound of artefacts from a previous relationship fading out while a new one begins.”

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