Altered By Mom – You Can Do What You Want With My Heart, Babe

Even the artists I like best (as in: ever), have their weak moments. And theyโ€™re not to blame, for theyโ€™re only humans, arenโ€™t they? Itโ€™s hardly possible to record only great tunes. That being said, it looks like Altered By Mom are trying to prove the opposite.

Since the beginning of this year, the Canadian duo are releasing one song every week. To be honest, I only recently learned of โ€“ and started following โ€“ their initiative, and itโ€™s quite impressing. Three out of the four songs they put out in the last 28 days are absolute aces (and the fourth one isnโ€™t bad at all).

You Can Do What You Want With My Heart, Babe is Devon Lougheed and Gina Kennedyโ€™s most recent release (at the time of writing, that is). Itโ€™s written withย Lawrence Nichols of fellow Toronto band Lowest Of The Low and features a modulation by the book near the end. Wonderful stuffโ€ฆ again!

Judging from the quality of their recent output, with 52 songs to choose from by the end of the year, it must be possible to compile the bestest โ€˜Best Ofโ€™ ever. Perhaps even two.

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