Alvvays – In Undertow

Funny how certain words, that are not often used in everyday language, can suddenly pop up like weeds. In recent months, โ€˜undertowโ€™ is such a word. Pet Shop Boys released a single with that title, as did the bands CUT_ and Panama. One of the stand-out tracks on Dan Auerbachโ€™s latest album is named Undertow as well, and now Alvvays comes up with their single In Undertowโ€ฆ

Almost three years ago, the Canadian indie-pop darlings released their self-titled debut album and now theyโ€™re back with new music. Weโ€™ll have to wait โ€˜till 8 September before their new album Antisocialites drops, but until then, we can enjoy the first single.

In Undertow is a break-up song. โ€œYou made a mistake youโ€™d like to erase,โ€ Molly Rankin sings in a shoegaze kind of way, โ€œand I understand.โ€ But with determination she adds: โ€œThereโ€™s no turning back after whatโ€™s been said.โ€


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