Amy Allen – Difficult

Amy Allen is a self-taught artist. She began writing songs for herself and had learned to play five instruments by the age of 10. After graduating from Berklee College Of Music, she founded rock band Amy & The Engine in New York. But her career only really took off when she co-wroteย Back To Youย forย Selena Gomezย in 2018. A worldwide hit, which opened the doors to collaborations with artists like Camila Cabello,ย Halsey, Sam Smith andย Harry Styles.

After a short but very successful time in the shadows, Amy Allen has decided to go for the spotlights herself. Following her debut single Queen Of Silver Linings, she now releases her empowering anthem Difficult. A huge future hit!

Asked by Flaunt Magazine about its title and subject matter, she replied: โ€œIf youโ€™re a woman and youโ€™re really fighting for your career and pursuing it and youโ€™re putting yourself first, you’ll be seen as difficult or whatever you want to call it. Thatโ€™s what that song is about, jokingly calling myself difficult because Iโ€™ve been going after what I really want. I hope it will speak to a lot of women who have felt the same way.โ€

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