Amy Shark – Amy Shark

Naming a song after yourself can only mean two things: utter narcissism or utter vulnerability. You can leave it to Amy Shark to choose for the second option.

This raw self-titled track is the sixth to be released ahead of the artistโ€™s upcoming album Cry Forever (30 April). The highly personal song will close the long-player. Amy clarifies: โ€œItโ€™s track 13 because in a way this album closes so many chapters for me.โ€ She adds: โ€œThis song is my story.โ€

Amy Sharkย is about a person who wasnโ€™t there when she needed them. As a result, she has painful memories from her childhood, which she lays bare painstakingly in this song. Although she recalls it all vividly, she feels itโ€™s a thing of the past. As Amy explains: โ€œIโ€™m not mad but I remember everything and some people just werenโ€™t there when I needed them and unfortunately itโ€™s just too late to start giving a fuck about me now.โ€

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