Amy Shark – Baby Steps

Australian phenomenon Amy Billings released her early solo material under the name Amy Cushway. Since 2014, we know her as Amy Shark. Only two years later, she broke through in a huge way with Adore, which has been streamed over 110 million times by now. Her second biggest single, 2018’s I Said Hi, was nearly as successful.

These tracks landed her multi-platinum certifications and other prestigious awards by the bucket loads in her home country. They were also hits in the US, by the way. But even though Shark worked with the likes of Markus Hoppus and Travis Barker (both of blink-182), and Jack Antonoff (fun.) in recent years, she has yet to break through elsewhere. I don’t blame European radio stations for mainly concentrating on European acts, but it’s a pity this means they (have to) slam the doors in the faces of all of those talents from Australia or Canada. To name but two of the territories that are well-covered by Carte Blanche Music…

Hopefully, Shark’s new single will bring European success one step closer (even if it’s only a baby step…). Maybe referencing Mumford & Sons or Of Monsters And Men will open some doors? Baby Steps is a great up-beat track, that’s equal parts pop, rock and folk. For starters, it opens with a guitar riff à la Heart’s Barracuda. But besides the electric guitar, there’s also a big role for the acoustic guitar in this tune, that’s held together by a driving drum rhythm. This is as fun as break-up songs get, and it deserves to be heard.

Amy Shark’s new album Cry Forever will be out on 30 April.

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