Angèle feat. Roméo Elvis – Tout Oublier

Angèle Van Laeken is one of the most successful young artists to have come out of Belgium the past year. Understandably, for there’s not much not to like about her. She’s cute, sturdy, funny and above all: very talented. Her songs are smart and poppy; contemporary but rooted in tradition at the same time. This provides her tunes with a sense of timelessness. On top of that, her videos are colourful and full of humour.

As a result of this whole package, all of her singles to date (La Loi De Murphy, Je Veux Tes Yeux, La Thune and Jalousie) have become hits in the European Border Breakers Chart. Apart from Belgium, especially France is fond of her songs.

22-year-old Angèle is from a musical family: her father Marka was in the band Allez Allez and her brother Roméo Elvis is a popular Belgian rap star. Her new single Tout Oublier brings brother and sister together. Could this be her (and his) break-through beyond the French-speaking world? We’ll have to see, but for music lovers who feel adventurous, this is a great song to discover.

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