Angèle – La Loi De Murphy

If you ever wondered why a slice of bread is always falling with the buttered side face-down: that’s Murphy’s Law. In general terms, it says: ‘If anything can go wrong, it will’. Murphy’s Law is a law about the opposite of coincidence. In fact, it’s about the certainty that mother nature is a bitch 😉 . The best you can do is laugh about it…

That said, Murphy’s Law was also the inspiration for a great new track. La Loi De Murphy is the debut single of 21-year-old Belgian singer Angèle Van Laeken. She’s from a musical family: her father Marka was in the band Allez Allez and her brother Roméo Elvis is a Belgian rap star. Listening to her debut single, I wouldn’t be surprised is Angèle is a fan of Christine & The Queens.

La Loi De Murphy is already an airplay hit in Belgium, and is now crossing over to France, causing the song to enter in this week’s European Border Breakers Chart. Hopefully more countries will follow, knowing that – despite its French title – most of the lyrics are in English…


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