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Arthur Adam is a talented and respected Dutch singer-songwriter with a great, instantly recognizable voice. He is part of a multitude of bands and projects, where he follows his own inclination, playing music from the heart and never avoiding an experiment or two. Often, his music isn’t easy listening, but it isn’t meant to be. One of his bio’s started with the line: ‘Arthur Adam makes music because he has to’. His current bio states: ‘Arthur Adam makes music out of deep personal need/urge’. What’s not to praise about that?

Still, the music he puts out under his own name often does come very close to pop music. Pretty random examples are Happy Hangover, Dividing A Spider, Older and She’s A Mystery.

As one of his first supporters, I was happy to learn Arthur recorded a new EP, entitled Dances. It was a spontaneous affair. This is what he wrote me about it: “Last summer, I suddenly felt like recording a few songs, and that’s what I did: made the plan in July, rehearsed and recorded in August, mixed and mastered in September. What came out was a guitar pop EP with up-tempo pop/rock songs, influenced by Weezer, early Joe Jackson, Ben Folds, Joni Mitchell, Darryl-Ann and the rest of my record collection.”

That’s some bunch of references!

All six of the tracks on Dances were recorded on 21 en 22 August by long-time musical partner Tim van Doorn, who also played the bass and mixed and mastered the songs. Arthur Adam sung, played guitars, drums and keys. The EP is out now on Van Doorn’s and Adam’s own label BandBus Records.

My favourite EP track is simply titled O. A rock song full of energy and drive, a bit like Voicst’s Whatever You Want From Life. But the other five tracks are very much worth checking out as well. Pop music for grown-ups.

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