As December Falls – On The Edge

One of the great things of 2018 was the resurgence of female fronted rock, although it didn’t really reach the mainstream yet. Will As December Falls do the trick? They just might…

Although they sound like a great mix of Paramore and Fall Out Boy, they’re in fact a British quintet, formed in 2014 by Bethany Curtis (vocals), Ande Hunter (lead guitar/vocals), Will Brown (rhythm guitar), Timmy Francis (bass) and Lukas James (drums).

After a few EP’s and singles, the band founded their own label ADF Records to release their upcoming self-titled debut album. Following Ride and One More Night, On The Edge is the record’s well-produced third single, and their strongest so far.

Curtis says about it: β€œI wanted to write a song that said that it’s okay to feel how you feel. You don’t need to conform to something that you’re expected to be. (…) I wanted to say that it’s okay to be crazy. It’s okay to not be happy. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to get angry and not look perfect all the time. It’s okay to be you.”

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