Baby Queen – These Drugs

In recent years, more and more (mostly young) artists open up about their pains, depressions, and insecurities. This can make for uncomfortable listening, but often provides the artist with an escape from their past. And judging from the number of streams these songs pick up, they certainly connect with a large audience. Apparently, this is a problem that more people deal with than one would hope for. Obviously, a pandemic with all the restrictions that come with it doesnโ€™t helpโ€ฆ

One of those artists that donโ€™t wear their heart on their sleeve, is Bella Latham, a.k.a. Baby Queen. Her new single These Drugs deals with refusing to acknowledge or pay attention to mental health issues, which can ultimately lead to a self-destructive cycle. This subject matter comes from personal experience, the singer explains.

โ€œI wrote this song when I was in a really bad place which was characterized mostly by this idea that I wasnโ€™t a good person and didnโ€™t deserve good things. (โ€ฆ) I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to be so uncomfortably honest in these lyrics. But I also knew I had to share this story with people, because we all have a monkey on our back and self-destruction is a stranger to nobody. I really want people to know that there is a better life waiting for them should they choose it.โ€

Therefore, These Drugs is not a song about self-pity, but an ode to self-reflection and eventual self-realization.

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