Badflower – 30

If you like AKA George, for instance, be sure to check Badflower’s new single. It’s called 30, and that’s for a reason. Badflower frontman Josh Katz turned 30 on 17 July and he’s written a song about it. Obviously, he’s not the ‘happy 30’ type of guy. “I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of getting older”, he explains. “30 is a milestone I’ve been dreading since 20. I wanted to write a song about how I’m feeling internally and everything happening around me in 2020 as a 30 year old. The world is fucking weird and I hate it here.”

These feelings are reflected in the songs lyrics. “I’m nervous, so nervous / I overeat, I lack purpose / And I’m only scratching the surface / And I’m not shelved cause sex sells / But how long till I’m canceled / This is 30, fucking 30 / I’m still here, I’m still dirty.”

The Los Angeles-based alt-rock band emerged in 2019 with its compelling debut album OK, I’m Sick. Bold new track 30, with its deliberate guitar riff, is the first single off their forthcoming sophomore album.

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