Barrie – Clovers

Barrie is a Brooklyn five-piece, named after Barrie Lindsay, and also featuring Dominic Apa, Spurge Carter, Sabine Holler, and Noah Prebish. Appropriately, their 2018 debut EP Singles contained all of the tracks they released so far. Now, the band are ready to take the next step.

3 May, Barrie will put out their first full album Happy To Be Here. Lindsay largely wrote these songs late into the night, alone in her apartment. Barrie, the band, is primarily her project. On the record, she plays guitar, piano, synth and bass. But still, Barrie is distinctly not a solo project; all of the others contributed their talents to the long-player. Lindsay says: “We’re very different, but we cover each other’s gaps personally and creatively, and are eager to learn from each other.”

Clovers is the first single off Barrie’s debut album.

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