Bash! – In My Head

Based in Southampton, Bash! are a quirky quintet that formed in 2018 at Solent University. Amanda Bashmakova is the lead singer and namesake of the punchy pop band. Sheโ€™s joined by Miles Hobbs (bass), Joe Burgess (guitars, producer), Angus McIntyre (drums), and John Burdfield (keyboards). The five of them live together in a five-bed house share. Only last year, they started releasing tracks, which ended up on their debut EP So Brokenhearted.

2022 is off to a great start with the brand-new tune In My Head. It was written by the band themselves and recorded in their own house. Sounds great though. Who needs studios anyway nowadays? This could have been a Haim song, but more cheesy. And thatโ€™s meant to be a compliment. Imagine a combination of lively bass, punchy drums, striking guitars and sweeping synths. Or better: listen below.

Speaking about the songโ€™s lyrics, lead singer Amanda Bashmakova explains: โ€œAfter moving from Latvia to the UK, I struggled to find love due to the language barrier. The wrong words fell out of my mouth; I realised I could never truly convey my innermost feelings.โ€

Bash! have previously supported ground-breaking new artists such as Ashniko, Inhaler, Bloxx, Girli, and Husky Loops. Now, itโ€™s time for them to get booked as headliners.

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