Be Charlotte – Lights Off

Be Charlotte is the stage-name of Scottish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Brimner. She turned 23 just three weeks ago.

Charlotte just released a song she already wrote in August 2017 in her flat in Glasgow. She calls the song โ€˜incredibly personalโ€™ and says she wrote it when she felt โ€˜defeated, depressed and uninspiredโ€™. โ€œAt that moment I recognised that I have felt like that quite often throughout my life. I think this song was the realisation that I had to find a way to express that sadness. Since writing the song it has opened up a lot of doors for me and is often the song that my fans want to hear the most. Itโ€™s the song that my record label wanted to release since day one.โ€

The label finally got what they wanted and now itโ€™s up to them to help it make Be Charlotte the star she deserves to be. Lights Off comes with a music video that was shot a few weeks before lockdown.

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