Bear Ghost – Haunt, The Cartoon Heart

Have you ever asked yourself the question what it would sound like if Frank Zappa would have been a member of Queen (or of Muse, for that matter)? The answer is: Bear Ghost. This Phoenix, Arizona rock band consists of musical craftsmen who effortlessly combine epic melodies and song structures into a sound wholly their own.

Their first EP Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste (2014) was proof of that, and the band took it to the next level on their debut album ​Blasterpiece (2016).

After signing with 80/20 Records last year, Bear Ghost recorded (and released, thankfully) their new single Haunt, The Cartoon Heart. On their Bandcamp page, the quartet describe the track as β€˜a song about emotional instability, illustrated by a tumultuous relationship between a Ghost and his Heart who have both fallen in love with the same woman, but can’t find a way to reconcile their differences’.

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