Bent Van Looy – Make Believe

Bent Van Looy has been the frontman of the band Das Pop (which never officially called it quits), drummer in Soulwax, painter, coach in The Voice van Vlaanderen, voice-over, DJ at Studio Brussel… where the hell does he find the time to make records anymore?

Anyhow, last month, the 42-year-old Flemish artist released his latest solo album, the third in a trilogy Van Looy made with the American producer/musician Jason Falkner. Yours Truly sounds a little bit more cheerful than its predecessor Pyjama Days, with rich songs that combine everything between sixties pop and Crowded House.

Album highlight Make Believe is Van Looy’s new single. It opens with a cozy ukulele, an idea he apparently picked up watching a Hawaiian tutorial. Great kick-off of a timeless classic!

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