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Obviously, Spotify is a great platform. When you’re an artist and you upload your song to it, it’s available for listening all over the world. That doesn’t mean however, it’s indeed going to be listened to all over the world. 60.000+ tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day(!). This makes the chances an average listener finds your new song amidst that lot very low. Especially when you’re an upcoming artist, and your music isn’t added to curated playlists. More must be done to let your music stand out, and radio can still play a role in that process. That being said, it may be wise not to focus on the whole world at the same time.

This brings me to emerging Aussie artist Joshua Rees McVey, a.k.a. Bentle. His latest single Mondo was released – and promoted in his home country – earlier this year. Now, a British publisher steps in to promote the song in Europe as well. Smart move, for Mondo is a great track with potential outside Australia. With its funky bass line and bouncy percussion, it’s a groovy song with a summery pop energy.

Bentle says about the song: “Mondo is about how sometimes we all need to strip away the subconscious (and often false) expectations we place on ourselves. Life can often seem like a series of deadlines, obligations and responsibilities. For me, Mondo is a reminder that taking care of yourself and decompressing is more than ok. Though we each change as time goes on, we are still the same person as we were 10 years ago. Place a photo of yourself now beside a photo of yourself 10 years ago and then clear your schedule πŸ˜‰.”

Mondo is ready for the radio; hopefully radio is ready for Mondo as well.

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