Big Data – Evolution Once Again

Big Data, the brain child of producer Alan Wilkis, broke through in 2014 with Dangerous (feat. Joywave). Essentially, this version was a remix made by Joywave of a track off Big Dataโ€™s first EP 1.0, that was later released on the bandโ€™s second EP 1.5. On their debut album 2.0, Big Data worked with Jamie Lidell, Dragonette, Weezerโ€™s Rivers Cuomo and others.

You wonโ€™t be surprised to hear Big Dataโ€™s upcoming second album will be named 3.0. Itโ€™s preceded by the single Evolution Once Again, a song about the moment โ€™when artificial intelligence exponentially surpasses human intelligenceโ€™. Wilkis explains: โ€œThe character singing the song is the forlorn computer scientist who feels abandoned by the AI he has created, which has now left him (and all of humanity) far behind.โ€

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