Big Ideas – Hurricane

The Boxer Rebellion front man/guitarist Nathan Nicholsonย andย bass player Adam Harrison started a new project. Teaming up with writer, director, and photographerย Ben Lankester, itโ€™s a truly audio-visual venture. They called it Big Ideas, after a 2016 Boxer Rebellion track.

27 November, the trio unveil their debut EP The American Dream. Only two weeks after its title track, they release second single Hurricane. A track with a haunting beat that bears some resemblance to a-haโ€™s Take On Me.

In a statement, Big Ideas say about Hurricane: โ€œThe lyrics are about confidence.ย Many people feel that they are unworthy somehow, and even with the smokescreen of bravado, most people are just trying to fit in and feel loved. The two lines of the chorus โ€˜And I love that youโ€™re unaware, every room you go into is better โ€™cause youโ€™re thereโ€™ sum up the songโ€™s sentiment: you may not always know it, but youโ€™re appreciated and weโ€™re all the better for your presence.โ€

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