Blackfield – How Was Your Ride?

In 2001, Steven Wilson (founder of British prog rock band Porcupine Tree) and Israeli rock singer Aviv Geffen started working together in a new project: Blackfield. Their new album Blackfield V (their fifth, obviously), will be released 10 February.

Three of the tracks have already been put out on the EP Family Man. One of them in particular, How Was Your Ride?, got me on the tip of my chair. Not in the least because it sounds like a long awaited return of Alan Parsons to the music scene. Well… it actually is! After producing a solo album by Steven Wilson in 2013, Parsons also recorded and produced some songs for the new Blackfield album.

How Was Your Ride? has β€˜Alan Parsons’ written all over it. When you listen to the track his name automatically starts to flicker in big red neon letters. In capitals, that is. It’s a classic pop rock song, drenched in string arrangements performed by the London Sessions Orchestra. Flat out beautiful!


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