Blaenavon – Catatonic Skinbag

I first heard Blaenavon (pronounced bline-av-un) play by surprise, during the Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase festival in 2014. In my notes, I describes them as a โ€˜psychedelic teeny wave bandโ€™. By the time they released their debut album Thatโ€™s Your Lot, in 2017, they sounded much more sophisticated.

Since then, things have gone quiet around the band. Two weeks ago, in a brutally honest note, singer Ben Gregory explained why: he had been hospitalised after incurring a stress-related breakdown. During his recovery, he and the band recorded their second album Everything That Makes You Happy, which Gregory says is โ€˜about suffering, guilt, love, family and overcoming traumaโ€™.

Catatonic Skinbag is the long-playerโ€™s first single. A fierce comeback, that reminds me of Ash (a band I like very much).

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