Blanche – City Lights

Quite honestly, I never expected Iโ€™d mention the Eurovision Song Contest as much as I have recently. Earlier I mentioned the B side to Levinaโ€™s Perfect Life and recommended Swedish runner-up Nano. Today, I want to point your attention to Blanche, who will represent Belgium in Kiev.

Blancheโ€™s real name is Ellie Delvaux. Sheโ€™s only 17 years old and hails from the Belgian bilingual capital of Brussels. However, her track City Lights is sung neither in Dutch nor in French. I think this could very well have been a track by Birdy, but although it bears resemblance to ร‰clat by Alexe Gaudreault, itโ€™s claimed to be an original song (which is one of the requirements for participating the Eurovision Song Contest). I really like it!


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