Bloom de Wilde – Garden Of The Sun

In her home country the Netherlands, Bloom de Wilde was formerly known as Bloem de Ligny. She released her debut album Zink in 1998. This led to critics comparing her with BjΓΆrk – both in appearance and way of singing. They can’t be blamed, for there are more similarities. Apart from music, both artists are also heavily involved in other artforms. Visuals and fashion, for instance. In 2021, Bloom de Wilde is still β€˜the full package’.

After a stint as part of Sam & The Womp (who scored the UK #1 single Bom Bom), she returned to being a solo artist. Garden Of The Sun is her new single and it has no problems living up to its title. Her vocal style is still as distinctive as ever, but this time it’s set to an uplifting, colourful, exotic, ska-like musical soundscape. It features a prominent trumpet part courtesy of S&TH partner Sam Ritchie, and even her own children Dizzy and Sesame can be heard. Although sometimes cryptic, its lyrics deal with heart connections that reach beyond time and space.

A new album, Kaleidophone, is in the works and due out later in the year.

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