Bloxx – Everything I’ve Ever Learned

The last ten months, Bloxx have become regular visitors at Carte Blanche Music. In my opinion, their first album Lie Out Loud is one of the best debuts of 2020. But the Uxbridge quartet haven’t sat still since its release. They’re back with brand-new music already.

Everything I’ve Ever Learned continues where Lie Out Loud left off, which is a good thing. Especially if you’re as fond of Bloxx’s infectious indie-rock sound as I am. Their new single was produced by Rich Turvey, who worked with Blossoms and Oscar Lang before.

Front woman Ophelia Booth says about the track: “The last two years for me have been very difficult, with health scares and anxiety hitting the roof. This song was really important in my journey to stop trying to understand everything, and to just accept the cards you’re dealt and make it work for you. It taught me to keep holding on, even when your grip is loose. (…) It’s basically a self help song, it’s for everyone that needs to hear it. ‘You should learn to hold on / It’s not the end of the world’.”

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