Bokito – Aloof

In 2007, gorilla Bokito broke out of his enclosure in Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam, attacked and hurt a woman and scared the hell out of tens of visitors. The escape was hardly only a news item in the Netherlands; it became a worldwide news story. And ten years later it’s still an event with a lot of appeal. So much so, that a London-based (but largely Irish-bred) band named itself after him.

Bokito play a blend of rock, soca, funk and roots. Remember Vampire Weekend? Something like that… They call it tropical indie, which may sound strange on paper, but it definitely works in their music, especially live. And live is where Bokito really comes to life. Just like the gorilla. Aloof is their great new single!

PS: Ten years after his sensational outbreak, Bokito is still a main attraction in Blijdorp Zoo. He is fine, and so is the woman he attacked…


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