Bowe (feat. Sandra St. Victor) – Vintage

Dutch singer Bowe (real name: Boudewijn de Jong) released his first album Moving Through The Night back in 2009. Since then, he released quite some tracks. Near the end of the 2010s, he switched to singing in his mother’s tongue. His break-through however, came in 2020 with a re-recorded version of Tired Of Giving Good Things Up. Originally from his second album Nomansland (2013), the song was picked up by every major Dutch radio station.

With his new tune, Bowe hopes to be able to build upon his earlier success. In my ears, Vintage is an old-school radio song indeed. It’s upbeat, with an infectious bass line throughout. The vocal melody is very catchy as well, with backings provided by none other than Sandra St. Victor. She’s probably best known from her time in funk band The Family Stand, who scored hits with Ghetto Heaven and Plantation Radio in the early 1990s.

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