Caezar – Somewhere New

The two founding members of Caezar, singer Chris Quigley and guitarist Rich Gills, decided to form a band in 2014, when they were both suffering from sports injuries that meant they would no longer be able to play rugby for their local club. Their first outfit, rock band Quigley, was rather successful, but when they met keyboard player and vocalist Zoe Dwyer, with her soft synths and sweet-as-honey backing vocals, they changed their musical direction and their name as well; Caezar relates to the initials of all three band members: C (Chris), Z (Zoe) and R (Rich).

The British trio now fuse dance beats with soaring pop melodies, as you can hear from their new single Somewhere New. It precedes their debut EP Hail!, that will be out this week. Already a live favourite, Somewhere New starts off delicately, but the band up the tempo as soon as the pre-chorus sets in. A well-produced modern pop song for early Bastille fans.

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