Calby – The Everyday Bit

Young people embracing good old soul music, isn’t that just great? The Everyday Bit is the debut single of Calby, the stage name of Danish musician Mik Thybo. He β€˜explores undiscovered territory between soul music, pop and indie rock, with songs about love, greed and anxiety’, according to his bio.

Lending its first three notes from Robert Plant’s Big Log, The Everyday Bit continues as a one of a kind song. It sounds authentic, even though it’s built around the best elements of sixties soul music.

Calby wrote and produced the song with Luke Graham bass player Magnus Larsson. They recorded the tune on an analogue 8-track recorder, which gives it a warm and nostalgic sound.

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Discussions — 2 Responses

  • Menno september 13th, 2019 on 11:52 PM

    Great track

  • Werner Schlosser september 14th, 2019 on 9:50 AM

    I totally agree, Menno!


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