Carla de Coignac – Danse

I love the French language, and French names in particular. Take Carla de Coignac, for instance. I fell for her name before I even heard one single note of her music. She doesn’t have much music out yet, by the way, for Danse (‘dance’) is only her debut single.

Anyway, when I listened to the song, only after being attracted to it by the beauty of her name, I wasn’t disappointed. As you might expect, Danse is a track that’s very easy to dance to. Its message is less carefree however. The lyrics oppose a society where some people seem to live for judging others. The song deals with shyness and a lack of self-confidence, and urges people to go their own way, without fear of what others think of them.

Carla de Coignac is a 22-year-old from the French city of Bordeaux. Apparently, the music over there has the same quality as the wine. In 2017, she made it all the way to the final round of TV talent show ‘Nouvelle Star’. She didn’t start a career of her own straight away, but wrote five songs for French superstar Louane’s album Joie De Vivre instead. Now, it’s time for De Coignac to shine as an artist in her own right. Danse, the first single of a future EP, is a very promising start!

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