Carte Blanche Music Top 2019

Ahead of your favourites among this year’s Carte Blanche Music recommendations, which I publish on New Year’s Day, I round off 2019 with my personal choices.

The last year, I introduced you to 979 great new songs via my container playlist Carte Blanche Music; almost 57 hours of music. Exactly 500 of those translated into a written endorsement through this blog. In other words: only one out of each 10 suggestions (and one fifth of all of my posts) made it onto the Carte Blanche Music Top 2019.

Just like the recommendations you can find here every day, this year-end list differs largely from the majority of charts you’ll find. The Top 100 below is filled with the finest pop and rock; and a much larger percentage of rock than you’ll hear on the radio. Most tracks were independently released by upcoming artists from all over the world, and feature female vocals. Just a few statistics:

  • 60% of the tracks are sung by women (up from an already impressive 58% in the Carte Blanche Music Top 2018)
  • 53% of the tracks is guitar-based (10% more than last year)
  • Apart from British and American acts, my list contains artists from Australia (14 of them!), France (9), Canada (5), the Netherlands (5), Norway (4), Ireland (3), Belgium (3), Spain (2), Sweden (2), Denmark (2), Germany (1), Israel (1) and Brazil (1)
  • As a result, you’ll not only hear lyrics in English, but also in French, Spanish and Swedish
  • Apart from Dua Lipa and Lizzo, you won’t find any hits in this chart. It’s a great way to discover artists, some of which I expect to break through in the years to come

The Carte Blanche Music Top 2019 features 100 tracks. You can listen to them via the Spotify player. As compiling the list was hard enough, the songs are sorted alphabetically. Just use the shuffle button if you prefer another order 😉.

Meanwhile, you can read my original recommendations through the links below.

(WC)    ex Carte Blanche Music Wildcard
(*)       album track


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