Certain Animals – Hold On

Rotterdam-based Certain Animals continue their streak of β€˜70s influenced pop tracks. They approach song-writing as a craft, and put exactly the right amount of traditional elements into their songs. That makes them sound familiar, but far from daft or old-fashioned. On the contrary, these are three guardians of timeless music.

Later this year, Certain Animals release their sophomore album. Ahead of that, we can now enjoy its first single Hold On. From the first bars on, it sounds like a future evergreen. The guitar riff, polyphonic vocals, real violins and even a church bell make for a warm, nostalgic feeling. Perhaps β€˜vintage’ is the best word for it.

Lyrically, Hold On is a hymn of hope about holding on (obviously), persistence and perseverance. Also, it’s about doing things your own way, even when others advise against it. A classic in every way, this might be the song to buck us all up in these trying times. With Hold On, Certain Animals single-handedly provide us with the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

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