Cesár Sampson – Nobody But You

I’m not a connoisseur as far as the Eurovision Song Contest is concerned. It’s a game with rules I don’t understand. What I do know, however, is whether or not I like a song. And in recent years, in my opinion, the number of decent pop tracks in the competition has been growing.

This year, I already wrote about Mercy by Madame Monsieur (the French entry) and A Matter Of Time by Sennek (who will sing on behalf of Belgium). This being the ESC week, I thought I’d give you one more recommendation…

Austria sends in Cesár Sampson. Early this century, he toured the world as the lead singer from bands like Kruder & Dorfmeister and Sofa Surfers. Since then, he preferred working behind the scenes in music production, song writing and as a vocal producer. The last two years, Sampson and his production collective Symphonix International helped the Bulgarian entries Poli Genova and Kristian Kostov reach a historic fourth and second place in the Eurovision Song Contest respectively, with If Love Was A Crime and Beautiful Mess. He also provided backing vocals for both tracks.

This year, Sampson gets back in the lime lights again with Nobody Like You, a track written by himself and Symphonix International. It’s a catchy, modern song, with a piano hook that sounds like the one in James Blake’s Limit To Your Love (2011). Great entry! (so, not a winner, presumably 😉 ).

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