Charlie Collins – Just My Luck

Aaaaaaaand weโ€™re back! The holidays were fine, but I like recommending great new music just as much. I hope you enjoyed the daily Song Snacks during my vacation, but as of today, Iโ€™ll pick up adding a few words of background info againโ€ฆ

Following Fuck It and Honey Can We Run Away (feat. Kasey Chambers), Just My Luck is Charlie Collinsโ€™ third single of the year. Knowing all three of them will appear on her as-yet-undated second album makes Iโ€™m very much looking forward to it.

Just My Luck is an up-tempo pop-rock track of less than two-and-a half minutes. Produced by Gab Strum (a.k.a.ย Japanese Wallpaper), it combines punchy drums, soaring guitars and subtle synths with Collinsโ€™ sweet pop-vocals. Lyrically, it started about how a stagnant relationship can still be preferable to loneliness. However, when her relationship dissolved during the writing process, it transitioned to a powerful evocation of acknowledging when something isnโ€™t right, and the catharsis of discovering the strength required to overcome heartache.

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