Charly Bliss – Chatroom

Although indebted to the catchy alt-rock of ’90s bands like Weezer and Veruca Salt, Charly Bliss produce pop music. Pop music with an edge, that is.

Singer/guitarist Eva Hendricks and guitarist Spencer Fox met as high school students in Westport, Connecticut. After starting out as a cover band, they soon enlisted Eva’s brother Sam Hendricks to play drums and Dan Shure to play bass. Their first offerings, like EP A Lot To Say and debut album Guppy, were full of grungy rock. However, for their next album (Young Enough, 19 May), they shifted the balance toward pop.

New single Chatroom is a great example of their new approach, combining an energetic delivery with memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics. This song, for instance, deals with Hendricks’ unjust feeling of guilt after suffering sexual abuse.

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